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I have been blessed to spend my life playing, coaching and developing soccer through sessions, practices, manuals and videos.  I played with and against MLS players, National players and international players alike. My passion is developing new players for the pace of tomorrows game. Our purpose is to train them to the best of our ability in disciplines and confidence so that they too may realize their God-given purpose in life.


XiFA is not for everyone.  Who is it for?

  • Players who are ready to be pushed beyond their limits
  • Players who are serious about soccer and want it to play a role in their future
  • Players who are eager to rise to high standards and expectations

XiFA exists to bring passionate players the attention of those who can further their goals.  It is not intended for recreational players. XiFA is based on my personal philosophy and coaching methodology in response to the demands and pace of tomorrow's game. With coaches recruiting earlier and the speed at which the game is played today, I want to provide every player the opportunity to succeed.  The definition of success is different for each athlete.  It is our job to identify and clarify each athlete's goals on the field and then prescribe a training regimen to help them accomplish those goals.

Behind the name

The name "XiFA" translates as wishing or blessing you with better soccer, prosperity and growth. 

Notice the "X" in the form of a cross, which is at the core of our values. As a Christian man, I want to be held accountable in the realms of honesty, integrity, discipline, commitment, hard work and respect. When we fail in these areas, please do not hesitate to ask me if our behavior is in conflict with the cross. 

"iF" is why we pursue and achieve higher goals: Because iF we can do it, it is our responsibility to do it. "iF" is the beginning of the question that I will challenge each player to rise up and answer.  "What if...?" "iF," motivates us to achieve.

"FA" is short for Football Academy.  Football (soccer) is the language we will be learning our lessons in. The greatest thing about sports is that the provide an arena for failure and success, then the opportunity to do it again. The pitch is a perfect training for life.

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"iF you believe... you achieve!"

-Destrey Berto

XiFA soccer is designed to provide year-round training and discipline for players who desire to play soccer beyond high school. XiFA develops players in three different areas: on the field, in the classroom and on the recruiting track. XiFA develops great premier level players, ready for the intense college level play.